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Windows 7 Magnifier Shortcuts and Features

Today I was reading thru the news and found an article about the Windows Magnifier. A brilliant Windows 7 Tool that I’d pretty much ignored in the past….

Did you know about the Shell: Extension to open special Folders in Windows (XP, Vista and 7)?

Recently a friend was surprised when i opened the SendTo folder using the Shell: Extension. Apparently the Shell: Extenstion still not widely known. Therefore, I write a review about it. As an entry: using Shell:SendTo (it is not case sensitive) Put that in a Run box (Windows-R key combination), the SendTo Folder will open in…

Capture / ALT-Print Screen focused Window in RDP Session in Clipboard

Ok, this is primarily for me, so I can look up if I should ever forget it. Ever tried to copy a window in a terminal session to the clipboard? Usually you press ALT-PrintScreen for this. If you do this into an RDP session, you get the whole (logically) Remote Desktop. To copy only the…