Powershell – Eventlog – List Events of last N days with specific source

Querying EventLog using PowerShell. Count the number of occurences of Kerberos Entries in System Eventlog for the last 24 hours (Get-EventLog -LogName System -Source Kerberos -After (Get-Date).AddDays(-1)).Count output the all Kerberos entries in System Eventlog for the last 24 hours: Get-EventLog -LogName System -Source Kerberos -After (Get-Date).AddDays(-1)

VMware – Working with Snapshots (orphaned, broken VMDK descriptor file etc.)

Snapshots created via API (NetApp SMVI, Equallogic’s Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition, VMware VCB or VDR) occasionally get stuck. If you find an orphaned snapshot (ie – it is not listed in the snapshot manager but you can’t change the size of a vmdk / the provisioned size grayed out, or you happen to notice a -delta…

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Send text messages directly from any e-mail program (Outlook, Thunderbird..)

eSMS by Dolphin Systems allows you to send and receive text messages from any e-mail program. You must have a Swisscom mobile phone number for using eSMS. Ready for immediate use Before you can use eSMS, you have to register via text message; follow the relevant user manual for this. You can then use eSMS…

PowerShell – Get installed/enabled Windows Features

Sometime you need to ‘clone’ the Windows feature-set of a specific server. That’s a task I’m currently working on. Using PowerShell to enumerate/list all enabled Windows Features is easy……

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Release Preview

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Release Preview enables IT administrators to manage roles and features that are installed on computers that are running Windows Server 2012 from a remote computer that is running Windows 8 Release Preview. Overview Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Release Preview includes Server Manager, Microsoft Management Console…

Use PowerShell to Back Up System State Prior to Making Changes

Did you know you can use PowerShell to back up the system state? Understanding the Computer Restore cmdlets One of the easiest ways to ensure system reliability is to create a restore point prior to making potentially damaging changes. In this way, if a problem arises, it is rather simple to roll back the changes….

PowerPivot Client/Server Architecture

PowerPivot is a powerful data mashup and data exploration tool based on xVelocity in-memory technologies providing unmatched analytical performance to process billions of rows at the speed of thought….

Business Intelligence in SharePoint Server 2010

Business intelligence is the delivery of accurate, useful information to the appropriate decision makers within the necessary timeframe to support effective decision making. Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2 provides a storage and management foundation for business data, and a set of reporting and analysis tools. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 provides controlled access…

Office 365–Change the password expiration policy

The default password expiration policy of Office 365 is set to 90 days. That means that users have to change their password every 90 days. I think basically this is a good and secure policy but on the other side, it can be annoying and maybe your company has an other security policy or for…