Modify or Add/Remove Features of Office 2010 Installation

You created a MSP using Setup.exe /admin => Microsoft Office Customizing Tool OCT (yes, you no longer have to scout for additional customizing tools (aka Office Resource Kit =>ORK) as it was necessary back in the good old Office 2000 and 2003 times..) deployed Office 2010 using /config and /adminfile parameter. Now, you want to modify this installation, let’s say, you need to remove the Outlook 2010 Feature.

1. Start Setup.exe /admin to produce/create an additional MSP File

2. When the Microsoft Office Customization Tool starts, it asks for input. Choose your Product and proceed. I’ve chosen Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (32-bit).

3. Now you’ll be prompted to answer a question regarding the Office File Formats. I’ve chosen to keep the current settings since I do not want to modify these.

4. Now, in the Microsoft Office Customization Tool, in the left side of the Window, navigate to Features, keep everything else at defaults and only choose the Microsoft Outlook Feature to be ‘Run from my Computer’ => a [F] Icon will come up before the feature name.

5. Save the Customization (MSP File) to a network share or a folder.

6. Run the following command: MsiExec /p <path to the just created MSP File> /qb+ => The plus instructs msiexec.exe to display a messagebox about the operation is complete at the end of the modification/installation.

2 Responses to Modify or Add/Remove Features of Office 2010 Installation

  1. Javin says:

    Thanks, this works great in modifying existing installs.

  2. Laurie says:

    Thank you very much, this seems to be working for us. Been struggling to find the right way to do this!

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