Single characters and their names in english..

               — SINGLE CHARACTERS —

     SPACE, blank, ghost&

!    EXCLAMATION POINT, exclamation (mark), (ex)clam, excl, wow, hey, boing,
    bang#, shout, yell, shriek, pling, factorial, ball-bat, smash, cuss,
    store#, potion&, not*+, dammit*#

"    QUOTATION MARK, (double) quote, dirk, literal mark, rabbit ears,
    double ping, double glitch, amulet&, web&, inverted commas

#    CROSSHATCH, pound, pound sign, number, number sign, sharp, octothorpe#,
    hash, (garden) fence, crunch, mesh, hex, flash, grid, pig-pen,
    tictactoe, scratch (mark), (garden) gate, hak, oof, rake, sink&,
    corridor&, unequal#, punch mark

$    DOLLAR SIGN, dollar, cash, currency symbol, buck, string#, escape#,
    ding, big-money, gold&, Sonne#

%    PERCENT SIGN, percent, mod+, shift-5, double-oh-seven, grapes, food&

&    AMPERSAND, and, amper, address+, shift-7, andpersand, snowman,
    bitand+, donald duck#, daemon&, background*, pretzel

‘    APOSTROPHE, (single) quote, tick, prime, irk, pop, spark, glitch,
    lurker above&

*    ASTERISK, star, splat, spider, aster, times, wildcard*, gear, dingle,
    (Nathan) Hale#, bug, gem&, twinkle, funny button#, pine cone, glob*

()   PARENTHESES, parens, round brackets, bananas, ears, bowlegs
(    LEFT PARENTHESIS,  (open) paren,  so,  wane,  parenthesee,   open,  sad,
)    RIGHT PARENTHESIS, already, wax, unparenthesee, close (paren), happy,
    thesis, weapon&

+    PLUS SIGN, plus, add, cross, and, intersection, door&, spellbook&

,    COMMA, tail, trapper&

-    HYPHEN, minus (sign), dash, dak, option, flag, negative (sign), worm,

.    PERIOD, dot, decimal (point), (radix) point, spot, full stop,
    put#, floor&

/    SLASH, stroke, virgule, solidus, slant, diagonal, over, slat, slak,
    across#, compress#, reduce#, replicate#, spare, divided-by, wand&,
    forward slash, shilling#

:    COLON, two-spot, double dot, dots, chameleon&

;    SEMICOLON, semi, hybrid, giant eel&, go-on#

<>   ANGLE BRACKETS, angles, funnels, brokets, pointy brackets, widgets
<    LESS THAN,    less, read from*, from*,        in*,  comesfrom*, crunch,
    sucks, left chevron#, open pointy (brack[et]), bra#, upstairs&, west,
    (left|open) widget
>    GREATER THAN, more, write to*,  into/toward*, out*, gazinta*,   zap,
    blows, right chevron#, closing pointy (brack[et]), ket#, downstairs&,
    east, (right|close) widget

=    EQUAL SIGN, equal(s), gets, becomes, quadrathorpe#, half-mesh, ring&

?    QUESTION MARK, question, query, whatmark, what, wildchar*, huh, ques,
    kwes, quiz, quark, hook, scroll&, interrogation point

@    AT SIGN, at, each, vortex, whirl, whirlpool, cyclone, snail, ape (tail),
    cat, snable-a#, trunk-a#, rose, cabbage, Mercantile symbol, strudel#,
    fetch#, shopkeeper&, human&, commercial-at, monkey (tail)

[]   BRACKETS, square brackets, U-turns, edged parentheses
[    LEFT BRACKET,  bracket,   bra, (left) square (brack[et]),   opensquare,
]    RIGHT BRACKET, unbracket, ket, right square (brack[et]), unsquare, close,

\    BACKSLASH, reversed virgule, bash, (back)slant, backwhack, backslat,
    escape*, backslak, bak, scan#, expand#, opulent throne&, slosh, slope,

^    CIRCUMFLEX, caret, carrot, (top)hat, cap, uphat, party hat, housetop,
    up arrow, control, boink, chevron, hiccup, power, to-the(-power), fang,
    sharkfin, and#, xor+, wok, trap&, pointer#, pipe*, upper-than#

_    UNDERSCORE, underline, underbar, under, score, backarrow, flatworm, blank,
    chain&, gets#, dash#, sneak

`    GRAVE, (grave/acute) accent, backquote, left/open quote, backprime,
    unapostrophe, backspark, birk, blugle, backtick, push, backglitch,
    backping, execute#, boulder&, rock&, blip

{}   BRACES, curly braces, squiggly braces, curly brackets, squiggle brackets,
    Tuborgs#, ponds, curly chevrons#, squirrly braces, hitchcocks#,
    chippendale brackets#
{    LEFT BRACE,  brace,   curly,   leftit, embrace,  openbrace, begin+,
}    RIGHT BRACE, unbrace, uncurly, rytit,  bracelet, close,     end+, a pool&

|    VERTICAL BAR, pipe*, pipe to*, vertical line, broken line#, bar, or+,
    bitor+, vert, v-bar, spike, to*, gazinta*, thru*, pipesinta*, tube,
    mark, whack, gutter, wall&

~    TILDE, twiddle, tilda, tildee, wave, squiggle, swung dash, approx,
    wiggle, enyay#, home*, worm, not+


!?    interrobang (one overlapped character)
*/    asterslash+, times-div#
/*       slashterix+, slashaster
:=    becomes#
<-    gets
<<    left-shift+, double smaller
<>    unequal#
>>    appends*, cat-astrophe, right-shift+, double greater
->    arrow+, pointer to+, hiccup+
#!    sh’bang, wallop
\!*    bash-bang-splat
()    nil#
&&    and+, and-and+, amper-amper, succeeds-then*
||    or+, or-or+, fails-then*

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