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PowerShell: Display almost anything in a graphical GridView

Out-GridView Dirty Tricks Out-Gridview is a new cmdlet in PowerShell v.2 which allows you to output objects to a “mini” excel sheet like this: Get-Process | Out-GridView However, this only works if .NET Framework 3.51 is installed. While PowerShell requires just .NET 2.0, both Out-GridView and ISE-Editor require 3.51 because of their WPF graphical output….

PowerShell: Create a temporary filename

Thanks to Get-Date, you can easily create unique temporary file names with a timestamp: (Get-Date -format ‘yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss’) + ‘.tmp’

Microsoft Technet Magazine October 2009

Microsoft TechNet Magazine October 2009   Windows 7: The 10 Things to Do First for Windows 7 Getting ready for Windows 7 may seem like a Herculean job—but there are plenty of ways to maximize the OS’s new features while minimizing disruptions in your organization. This offer spells out 10 steps that can help streamline…