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Get .NET Framework Version of an assembly (dll/exe) using PowerShell

i just had to find the required framework version for a compiled .NET assembly (just to make sure, that the selected Application Pool in IIS was set to the righte Framework Version). ——– $fileBrowser = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog -Property @{ Filter = ‘Assemblies (*.dll & *.exe)|*.dll’ MultiSelect = $true} [void]$fileBrowser.ShowDialog() $files = $fileBrowser.FileNames   foreach($file in $files)…

Disabling Java Automatic Updates on a Terminal Server 32-bit and 64-bit Registry Redirection (Wow6432Node)

On a recently setup Windows Server 2008 R2 terminal server, Java was installed, and by default the JRE will enable automatic updates for all users. No daily users have administrative privileges, but all users are prompted to install updates. No users can actually install the available updates, nor can they disable the update check via…

Update a VMware ESX 4.1 Host

To scan for updates esxupdate -m scan Stage updates esxupdate -m stage Enter Maintenance Mode vim-cmd /hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter Apply updates esxupdate -m update Exit Maintenance Mode vim-cmd /hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit Finally Reboot reboot

Send text messages directly from any e-mail program (Outlook, Thunderbird..)

eSMS by Dolphin Systems allows you to send and receive text messages from any e-mail program. You must have a Swisscom mobile phone number for using eSMS. Ready for immediate use Before you can use eSMS, you have to register via text message; follow the relevant user manual for this. You can then use eSMS…

Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX in Windows 7 64bit

Today I bought a Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. I didn’t expect, that it can be so complicated to install and configure that mouse. Well, it was the so called USB Receiver which made problems – The Windows 7 64bit System didn’t find a suitable driver for that micro-device….

WerFault.exe – Windows Error Reporting Shortcomings

Today I’ll write about Windows Error Reporting on Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7, a set of Windows technologies that capture software crash and hang data from end users. See this post as a summary of what I’ve learned when analyzing Windows Error Reporting feature and it’s ‘shortcomings’…

Modify the Computer icon text to show logged on username in Windows Server 2008 (R2)

Changing the text on the Computer icon on your Remote Desktop Services Session Host is handy when a user calls you and you want to know which Session Host the user is logged on. The procedure to do this has changed since Windows Server 2003….

Windows 7 Magnifier Shortcuts and Features

Today I was reading thru the news and found an article about the Windows Magnifier. A brilliant Windows 7 Tool that I’d pretty much ignored in the past….

Finding process that locks a DLL

You want to replace a dll on a system, but you get access denied, although you’re admin, have the necessary rights.. so which process is locking the particular file/library. I know, there is handles.exe from Sysinternal Suite, and plenty other tools that do the trick.But, you don’t need third-party tools to get the answer, just…

Windows 7 Search does not work anymore

The search box in start menu stopped working. The search from windows explorer works fine, just the start menu does not work. All it returns is:…