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Entity Framework – Show generated SQL

How to view the SQL Generated by Entity Framework Entity Framework follows the following three steps. Translate C# code into SQL statements Execute SQL on a target database Return values back to C# objects. Now the question is how the generated SQL statements look like and how we can view the SQL executed on the…

.NET self-registering Windows Service

I just found an article about how to extend a windows service’s functionality so that the service can register itself in windows service control using command line switches like /register or /unregister…..

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 and external access FQDN

Yesterday I’ve installed Microsoft (TFS) Team Foundation Server 2010 and today I’m struggling with the configuration. My team wants to access the TFS / Source Control Safe using internal but also external host names. So, how to accomplish the right configuration? Good question. To save your time i thought I’ll blog about my journey …..

VS.NET TFS: IISReset and The system cannot find the file specified. (2147942402, 80070002)

Okay, today i installed Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010. At the end of the Setup, i had a warning regarding the configuration of the IIS Web Server Part. In the result i tried to reset the IIS using iisreset.exe. What i got is an error message stating: The system cannot find the file specified. (2147942402,…

VS.NET: Missing item templates in Visual Studio

Today, when I started visual studio and wanted to Add new Item to an existing project / solution, I found that the Template for Silverlight Child Window was missing from my visual studio 2010 templates….

VS.NET: Cannot implicitly convert type ‘SomeType[]’ to ‘System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection<[Namespace].SomeType>’

There seems to be a known bug / issue in Visual Studio 2010 RC when dealing with Service References (to a WCF Service). The Collection Type of the Service Reference is set to custom and you start getting compilation errors like: Cannot implicitly convert type ‘SomeType[]’ to ‘System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection<[Namespace].SomeType>’   …


WCF Service: Adding a reference results in: System.BadImageFormatException

I have a Solution with a WCF Service Project, a few Classes in projects and a Winform Project. When trying to add a Service Reference from within the Winform Project i always got the Microsoft WCF Service Host – ‘System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly ‘file’…..

VS.NET: Add Service Reference, Discover Service does not work

Trying to add a Service Reference in Visual Studio using the Discover Services in Solution and the Wizard can’t find the Service in the Solution?…

VS.NET: Visual Studio 2010 Extension Manager

One of the powerful aspect of Visual Studio is its ability to be extended and many people do that. You can find numerous extensions at the Visual Studio Gallery. The VSX team links to a 4-part blog series on how to create and share templates. You can also look find extension examples on the vsx…

IIS7: Web Application writing to Event Log generates Security Exception

Every tried to write to the Application Event Log out of a Web Application running in Windows Server 2008 / IIS7? Well, i just tried that and spent about an hour to figure out, how to ‘allow’ the Web Application to write to the Event Log….