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Finding process that locks a DLL

You want to replace a dll on a system, but you get access denied, although you’re admin, have the necessary rights.. so which process is locking the particular file/library. I know, there is handles.exe from Sysinternal Suite, and plenty other tools that do the trick.But, you don’t need third-party tools to get the answer, just…

Scan IP range using ping

IP scanner for the poor ones Just open up a cmd.exe and change the ip range.. C:\>FOR /L %x in (1,1,255) do ping -n 1 192.168.2.%x | find /I "reply" >> c:\temp\pingresult.txt The above command uses a FOR loop to ping each device and looks for "Reply" in the output. If there is a "Reply"…

Did you know about DiskShadow? Creating Shadow Copy from the command line

This can be an alternative for taking a Snapshot in Hyper-V.. According to TechNet @Microsoft they state: DiskShadow.exe is a tool that exposes the functionality offered by the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). By default, DiskShadow uses an interactive command interpreter similar to that of DiskRAID or DiskPart. DiskShadow also includes a scriptable mode….

CMD: Merge splitted files using copy command

Need to merge two files like, let’s say Textfile1.txt and Textfile2.txt into one single file? Easy, just use the old copy command to achieve this….

CMD: Search and copy specific files on your computer

Okay, i just had to search for specific files on my computer and i wanted to have them copied to a specific folder. This is some kind of note for myself but maybe you can make use of it too .. don’t know….

FAQ – Windows Command Processor cmd.exe

Ok, everybody talks and writes about Microsoft PowerShell .. BUT, what about those legacy systems that do NOT support the installation of PowerShell? Some, probably the majority know exactly what i’m talking about. Well, for sake of christ, there is still another type of shell called cmd.exe and batchfiles (*.bat and *.cmd) to run some…