Media added to DLNA shared library does not show up in Samsung Allshare Play

I’m streaming a lot of my media directly to my Samsung TV (Allshare). lately I added music to my Music Library in Microsoft Windows 8. The Library is shared using DLNA Protocol. For some reason, the newly added media did not show up am my Samsung TV. I started playing around with the configuration of DLNA/Homegroup/Sharing and finally I realized (and that’s an assumption), that the whole sharing stuff, especially when it comes to indexing the media, is managed by Windows Media Player (WMP).

I started Windows Media Player and under Streaming I clicked on More Streaming Options

Combobox Show Devices On => choose All networks

Select the relevant Device and click on Customize.

Then uncheck “Use Default settings”
and then check “Make all my media available to this device.”

2013-03-17 11_23_31-Media streaming options

2013-03-17 11_23_31-Media streaming options

Finally my newly added media has shown up in Allshare/Samsung TV.