Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX in Windows 7 64bit

Today I bought a Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. I didn’t expect, that it can be so complicated to install and configure that mouse. Well, it was the so called USB Receiver which made problems – The Windows 7 64bit System didn’t find a suitable driver for that micro-device.

When I checked the Device Manager using devmgmt.msc I realized, that there was this unknown device which prevents me and my mouse to communicate with my computer. Well, there must be a driver on the supplied CD, now?. I installed SetPoint (I hate it to install unnecessary software on my systems..!) but the missing driver was not part of the SetPoint Installer/Software. I realized, that the software on the CD was dated back to 2009. I started a browser and navigated to http://www.logitech.ch downloaded the latest version (6.32) of SetPoint for Windows 7 64bit and installed it on my system. Still no luck. Finally I found page where a user complained about the same issue ..


The steps I’ve take that solved the problem were:

  • You have to go for following location C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\usb.inf_amd64_neutral_e2b28ecac19a29af’.
  • Now copy usb.inf and usb.PNF to the ‘C:\Windows\INF\’ location.
  • After that you will need to update the drive which is as a unknown devices.
  • Now launch the Device Manager and Right click on it and go for Properties.
  • Choose Driver and click on the Update Drive.
  • Once done select Browse my computer for driver software and enter ‘C:\Windows\INF\’ into the Search for the driver software and click on Next.

Well, the directory usb.inf_amd64_neutral_xxxxx was not listed under C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository but there were to other similar directories: usb.inf_amd64_neutral_153b489118ee37b8 and usb.inf_amd64_neutral_269d7150439b3372 I copied both to C:\Windows\inf and changed back to Device Manager. Right-Mouse-Click on the Unknown Device, Update Driver then Browse and select C:\Windows\Inf. Now the System warned me about an unsigned driver. what I ignored. Boom the USB Receiver was recognized and the mouse was and is working!