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Getting registry last write time with PowerShell

All registry keys have a value associated with called the Last Write Time. This is analogous to the last modification time for a file. When ever the registry key or one if its values has been created, modified, or deleted the value is updated to the current local system time. Unfortunately, there is no Last…

Scan IP range using ping

IP scanner for the poor ones Just open up a cmd.exe and change the ip range.. C:\>FOR /L %x in (1,1,255) do ping -n 1 192.168.2.%x | find /I "reply" >> c:\temp\pingresult.txt The above command uses a FOR loop to ping each device and looks for "Reply" in the output. If there is a "Reply"…

.NET self-registering Windows Service

I just found an article about how to extend a windows service‚Äôs functionality so that the service can register itself in windows service control using command line switches like /register or /unregister…..