Month: October 2010

VMware: Updating / Patching ESX Server

Okay, VMware patch day .. or, patch weekend. There’s this VMware update Service.. but we’ll take esxupdate – ‘the long way home’? not necessarily!…

VMware ESX / Virtual Center – Extend Virtual Disk

Ok, I’ve already written about extending a virtual disk in VMware ESX Server / Virtual Center here. I spent the last view hours exactly for that task……

Enable Outlook 2007 / 2010 Client Logging

For diagnostic purposes, Outlook contains an option that turns on the logging of certain Outlook features….

SQL SERVER – Enable xp_cmdshell using sp_configure

They good old backdoor called xp_cmdshell is – and that’s absolutely ok – disabled by default starting Microsoft SQL Server 2000+. To re-enable that feature, there’s a stored procedure available called sp_configure….