Create an Adobe Acrobat Reader Package including Updates (MSP)MSI to deploy

This post will show you how to create an Adobe Acrobat Reader MSI Package to deploy using a software deployment tool like LANDesk, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Altiris or a similar tool.
First we create an administrative install, then we patch the administrative install with the MSPs (patches)..

  1. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader Setup files. You can either go to or use FTP to download the MSI / setup.exe from – i prefer the latter.
    When using the FTP site, you can usually grab the MSI directly. If so, steps 2 to 5 are not necessary and you can proceed with step 6.
    Save it to the Desktop
  2. Choose Start > Run.
  3. In the Open text box type: "%UserProfile%\Desktop\AdbeRdr9x_en_US.exe" -nos_ne
    change the filename to meet the name of the downloaded setup.exe ..
  4. Click OK to start decompressing the file.
  5. When the Adobe Reader 9.x Setup screen clears, browse to the following location
    %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Setup Files
  6. Create a new Directory called AdminInstallPoint
  7. Open a CMD
  8. Type: MSIExec /A "<pathToMsi>\9.3\AdbeRdr930_de_DE.msi" TARGETDIR=c:\temp\AdminInstallPoint
    The Windows Installer will create an Administrative Installation of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This Admin Install can then be patched with MSP (Microsoft Installer Patches)..
  9. Download the latest patches from
  10. To apply these Patches, type: msiexec /a AcroRead.msi /p AdbeRdrUpd932_all_incr.msp;AdbeRdrUpd933_all_incr.msp


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