HOT! – Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Ok, goodbye to paid software like VisionApp Remote Desktop. Microsoft just published Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager – and believe me, this piece of Software rocks!

Last week I noticed a unusual download at called RDCman, it turned out to be a RDP manager.

I downloaded it and it does all what I want in a great RDP tool!


RDCMan supports import of server lists, it support grouping and sub grouping, you can set configurations and passwords per group. You can auto hide to connections list so you leverage all the real estate possible while the screen stays embedded.

You can connect using alternate credentials with console option on or off.

If your servers are numbered you can also create a general name of you servers with variable with numbers. Al great features if you need to manage many servers.

Oh and it is free!

The strange thing is that it was version 2.2 and I never seen it before, as the about screen says nothing about Microsoft, just the author: Julian Burger. I assume this has been an internal tool for a while and now shared to the rest of the world. Thanks Julian!

Official description:

RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections. It is useful for managing server labs where you need regular access to each machine such as automated check in systems and data centers. It is similar to the built-in MMC Remote Desktops snap-in, but more flexible <- That is an understatement!

Servers are organized into named groups. You can connect or disconnect to all servers in a group with a single command. You can view all the servers in a group as a set of thumbnails, showing live action in each session. Servers can inherit their logon settings from the group. Thus, when you change your lab account password, you only need to change the password stored by RDCMan in one place. By default passwords are stored securely by encrypting with CryptProtectData using the (locally) logged on user’s authority. Servers can be moved between groups using drag-and-drop or via their properties page.

Non-Win7/Vista users will need to get version 6 of the Terminal Services Client. You can obtain this from the Microsoft Download Center: XP; Win2003


Thumbnails view


Connected to a system



Here’s more to read about the usage and features

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