Month: April 2010

Hyper-V Remote Management Configuration Utility

HVRemote reduces the manual configuration steps needed for Hyper-V Remote Management down to a few simple commands.   HVRemote can diagnose common configuration errors. HVRemote is locale neutral, although output is in English only. HVRemote can configure all combinations of workgroup and domain joined clients and servers.

Windows Help File: Navigation to the Webpage was canceled

It seems it’s not clear for everyone. When you download a compiled HTML Help file from the internet, the file get’s tagged as insecure. Now when you open the file, the content get’s block unless you remove the lock.. Screenshot (this is not an error of this page 😉 To unlock the the file, just…

PowerShell: About SessionConfiguration and how to change them

Remote Access Without Admin Privileges In PowerShell v.2, remote access is available only to users who hold local administrator privileges. So, even if you do have appropriate remote access to a machine, , you cannot remotely access the system if you are not an Admin. This is not a technical limitation, though, just a safe…

PowerShell: Display almost anything in a graphical GridView

Out-GridView Dirty Tricks Out-Gridview is a new cmdlet in PowerShell v.2 which allows you to output objects to a “mini” excel sheet like this: Get-Process | Out-GridView However, this only works if .NET Framework 3.51 is installed. While PowerShell requires just .NET 2.0, both Out-GridView and ISE-Editor require 3.51 because of their WPF graphical output….

PowerShell: Create a temporary filename

Thanks to Get-Date, you can easily create unique temporary file names with a timestamp: (Get-Date -format ‘yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss’) + ‘.tmp’

PowerShell: Generate PC Lists using Foreach-Object and -f Operator

Generate PC Lists One easy way of creating lists of PC names or IP address ranges etc is a simple pipeline like this: 1..40 | Foreach-Object { ‘PC-W7-A{0:000}’ -f $_ } Use the -f operator to format the number. In this example, it will always be three-digit.

PowerShell: Sort-Object

You can use Sort-Object to sort simple variable types. Have a look at the following: ‘Tom’, ‘Chris’, ‘Judy’, ‘Alan’ | Sort-Object Input can come from a different command. If you’d like to get seven random lottery numbers, you should try this: 1..49 | Get-Random -Count 7 | Sort-Object You’ll find that when you feed complex…

Google’s Insane Number of Servers Visualized

You already just sort of know, logically and instinctively, that Google’s got a ridiculous number of servers working for them. That doesn’t make it any less mind-boggling when visualized. Get ready for a lot of scrolling. Of course, not all servers are created equal—so “more” is a problematic word here. And I’m betting this wouldn’t…


VS.NET: Missing item templates in Visual Studio

Today, when I started visual studio and wanted to Add new Item to an existing project / solution, I found that the Template for Silverlight Child Window was missing from my visual studio 2010 templates….