Backup Exec: VSS Snapshot warning. File <path> is not present on the snapshot.

Ok, i have/had this exception in five different Backup Exec installations. It’s not an error, it’s just a exception/notification that one setup (most often a driver installation) registered a file for the VSS (Volume Shadow Service) to backup. Logo_SymantecBackupExec

The i found this one here:

A product installer – possibly from a 3rd party app has registered that file as being required for a System State backup and not then removed the registration from the System State when the file was removed.

Either identify the vendor of the file and speak to them about a fix – or create a file with the same name in the same folder. Note it is unlikely that you will need the specific file for a restore (assuming your server does restart correctly currently)

So, to have a short break fix, just create a dummy file OR contact the vendor of the driver/program.

Microsoft KB955078 Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) System Writer backup fails, and error messages reference nonexistent files in Windows Server 2008

Symantec had a KB entry, but the removed it.. i found it in the Google cache:


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System State backup of a Windows 2008 server completes with an exception

Exact Error Message
Backup- System?State System?State
VSS Snapshot warning. File [PATH] [FILENAME] is not present on the snapshot.


System State backup of a Windows 2008 server may complete with the above mentioned exception if a driver file(s) was deleted/renamed. For example in the Figure 1, 04mmdat.sys is causing the exception.

Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) System Writer may list a file to be backed up even though the file is no longer present on the server. View the {GUID}-System_Writer.xml file located in the directory C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Logs to confirm if the writer lists the file present as an exception in the job log.
The exception can be safely ignored as it does not affect the functionality of the Backup set.
Follow the steps listed below:
1. Create a empty text file with the same name as the file mentioned in the exception
2. Place the document in the same location as in the exception
For more details on resolution refer to the following article from Microsoft:

Supplemental Material:

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VSS Snapshot exceptions happen during system state backup if tape drivers were deleted