VS.NET: Visual Studio 2010 Extension Manager

One of the powerful aspect of Visual Studio is its ability to be extended and many people do that. You can find numerous extensions at the Visual Studio Gallery. The VSX team links to a 4-part blog series on how to create and share templates. You can also look find extension examples on the vsx code gallery. Logo Microsoft Visual Studio

With Visual Studio 2010, you can search for items and install them directly from within Visual Studio’s new Extension Manager. You launch it from the Tools menu:


When the dialog comes up, be sure to explore the various actionable areas on the left and also note the search on the right. For example, i clicked on Online Gallery on the left, in the Textbox in the upper right corner i typed Go To Definition (which is one of my favorite extensions atm) et voila:

Click on Download, restart Studio and you can Ctrl-Click and Variable, type, object to jump to its declaration


have phun!