Google Chrome updated for Windows, bookmark sync and extensions added

Today Google has released a stable version of Google Chrome for Windows with bookmark sync and extensions.  Google Chrome will now allow you to add extensions to your browser to make accessing news sites, activities, and many more things in a single click.

Google Chrome extensions have a one click installation directly in your browser and work instantly without the need to restart your application.  Google Chrome Mac and Linux both received extensions back in December, allowing users to customize their browser, personalizing what they see, and how they use it.


Google Chrome for Windows also added bookmark syncing for users with a Google account, allowing them to sync bookmarks to their account. Users with a Google account can sync their bookmarks on different computers.

To get the latest Google Chrome Version, Click on the tool icon right to the address bar, then choose About Google Chrome..



Version after update as of January the 26th 2010. =>



After updating to the latest version, you should be able to add extensions. To do so, Click on the Tool next to the Address Bar and choose extensions.



Click on the browse the gallery link and choose whatever extension you’re looking for..