Month: December 2009

CMD: Search and copy specific files on your computer

Okay, i just had to search for specific files on my computer and i wanted to have them copied to a specific folder. This is some kind of note for myself but maybe you can make use of it too .. don’t know….

IIS: Choose the .NET Framework Version for Application Pool

Okay, with the upcoming Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 (currently in Beta2 Stage), IIS Application Pool can be run under either Framework Version 2.0 or Framework Version 4.0….

IIS7: Web Application writing to Event Log generates Security Exception

Every tried to write to the Application Event Log out of a Web Application running in Windows Server 2008 / IIS7? Well, i just tried that and spent about an hour to figure out, how to ‘allow’ the Web Application to write to the Event Log….