Windows 7: Resize/shrink Partition

Did you know, resizing a partition (even the boot partition) on Microsoft Windows 7 is possible without the use of any third party utilities/tools. Just start the Disk Management Console and shrink your partition. Another reason for switching/upgrading to Windows 7..! Logo_Windows_7

If you need to resize partitions from Windows 7, you don’t need a third-party tool. Just like you have on Windows Vista, you can resize partitions in Windows 7.

How to resize a partition in Windows 7?

In order to resize partitions in Windows 7, you have to open the Disk Management utility. To do that, go to the search bar in your Start menu and type ‘create and format’. Now click on the link that comes up on top.



In the Disk Management window that appears, you’ll see all partitions of your computer listed one by one.

Right click on the partition that you want to resize, and then choose the ‘Shrink Volume’ option. Windows will now query for available disk space.


In the Shrink Volume window that appears next, type the amount you want to shrink by in the ‘Enter the amount of disk space you want to shrink in MB’ label. For example, to shrink the partition from 25 GB to 20 GB, type 5000 in the text box.



Click Shrink. You’ve just resized a partition in Windows 7 and shrunk it!

If you want to increase the size of a partition without shrinking it, use the Extend Volume option from the right click menu.

That’s how you resize partitions in Windows 7! Disclaimer: Make sure that you backup all your data before resizing. We’re not responsible for any damage caused.