Apple dumps Windows handhelds

It’s not powered by Windows Mobile. It uses Windows CE, but each and every Apple store in the world was using a handheld device with scanner powered by Microsoft software. No more!
Apple is in a process of switching to iPod touch with a bar code scanner attachment. Apple was using these mobile point of sale (POS) terminals powered by Windows CE software because simply Microsoft had (still has?) a dominating position in enterprise-class handheld devices. However these devices were clunky, unreliable and simply not good looking enough for shiny shiny Apple stores.


While in past Microsoft was underlining that Windows handhelds are focused on professional applications and enterprises, clearly it was a mistake. Having millions over millions of consumer users means that mobile operating system of Apple mobile devices is very stable. Recently Apple released technical documentation and hardware components that are used to develop accessories that interact with iPod touch and iPhone so probably there will be more and more hardware accessories for these devices.




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