The 10 Things to Do First for Windows 7

When you run your thumb down the list of new features and improvements in Windows 7 (see the feature comparison chart at, you’re bound to wonder how you’re going to get your arms around all that new technology so that you can deliver it to your users without too much disruption.

Following are 10 steps that can help you accomplish that goal.


Top 10 Things

1. Get to know Windows 7 on a first-name basis.

2. Learn Windows PowerShell.

3. Plow through licensing.

4. Focus on strategic improvements.

5. Expand the deployment scope.

6. Prepare for distributed security.

7. Virtualize your desktops.

8. Evaluate enterprise features.

9. Build compatibility safety nets.

10. Remove your users’ local-admin rights.


The 10 Things to Do First for Windows 7