Enable the use of Fingerprints / Biometric Devices to log on to Microsoft Windows 7 using GPO

On Microsoft Windows 7 there’s a new Group Policy (GPO) Setting to manage biometric devices and permissions to log on to a domain using fingerprints.

To configure the use of Biometric devices..

Click Start Windows_7_Start

Type gpedit.msc



Click on gpedit

You should get here



Expand Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Biometrics.

Now you can manage the behavior and permission of the biometric devices, allow the use of fingerprints to log on to the domain etc using these settings

(Allow the use of biometrics, allow users to log on using biometrics, allow domain users to log on using biometrics)

Of course, this GPO can also be applied to specific computers in a domain using Group Policy Management Console (gpmc.msc) and Domain Security Policy.

Click here for a tutorial about configuring biometric devices / fingerprint logon without the use of Group Policy

referenced error messages

Windows could not use your fingerprint credentials because it could not contact your domain. Try connecting to another network.

Fingerprint Logon is not enabled for domain accounts on this machine. Log on using other credentials or see your system administrator