Convert AVI to FLV using ffmpeg

There’s a nice and extremly powerful tool called FFMpeg. Using this Tool you can convert almost any video format (AVI, FLV, MPG, MPEG, etc) to another

to download the tool use google here

example AVI to FLV

ffmpeg.exe -i "c:\temp\myAviFile.avi" -ar 22050 -qscale .1 c:\temp\myFlvFile.flv"

to batch-convert a whole directory full of AVI files:

for /F "Tokens=*" %i in ('Dir "c:\temp\*.avi" /B') do ffmpeg -i "%~ni.avi" -ar 22050 -qscale .1 "c:\temp\%~ni.flv"

vice-versa, you can use the same trick to convert a video from flv to avi

ffmpeg.exe -i .\9n0925_bott_window_managment.flv -qscale .1 .\myConvertedVideo.avi