Google’s Insane Number of Servers Visualized


You already just sort of know, logically and instinctively, that Google’s got a ridiculous number of servers working for them. That doesn’t make it any less mind-boggling when visualized. Get ready for a lot of scrolling.

Of course, not all servers are created equal—so “more” is a problematic word here. And I’m betting this wouldn’t look quite so lopsided if big hitters like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Amazon were represented. Regardless, though, such a massive difference of scale is incredibly impressive, even if not entirely surprising.

Note: Contrary to the graphic’s description, iWeb is in fact a “worldwide provider of Internet hosting and IT infrastructure” based in Montreal, and not in any way affiliated with Apple. [Intac via Reddit; Data from Data Center Knowledge]

Google Chrome updated for Windows, bookmark sync and extensions added

Today Google has released a stable version of Google Chrome for Windows with bookmark sync and extensions.  Google Chrome will now allow you to add extensions to your browser to make accessing news sites, activities, and many more things in a single click.

Google Chrome extensions have a one click installation directly in your browser and work instantly without the need to restart your application.  Google Chrome Mac and Linux both received extensions back in December, allowing users to customize their browser, personalizing what they see, and how they use it.


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