Installing Microsoft Windows Vista / Windows 7 from a USB Stick

Today, more and more systems come without a CD / DVDROM (Netbooks, small Notebooks). If i buy a new system, i never equip it with a built-in CD / DVDROM. If i need to boot such a system from a ROM Media, i always attach one using USB. Or whenever possible, i put the content of the media on a memory card like an USB stick.

This is a quick tutorial about booting the setup and installing Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 from a USB Stick or a USB Harddisk / Harddrive. This procedure can also be used for other types of memory cards like SD, MMC or XD, as long as the system can be configured to boot from such a device (check out the BIOS bootable devices and boot order). Continue reading