PowerShell: Display almost anything in a graphical GridView

Out-GridView Dirty Tricks

Out-Gridview is a new cmdlet in PowerShell v.2 which allows you to output objects to a “mini” excel sheet like this:

Get-Process | Out-GridView

However, this only works if .NET Framework 3.51 is installed. While PowerShell requires just .NET 2.0, both Out-GridView and ISE-Editor require 3.51 because of their WPF graphical output.

Out-Gridview will display the same columns you would have seen when you output the objects to the console. You should clone the object first to see all object properties in your gridview:

Get-Process | Select-Object * | Out-Gridview

Microsoft Technet Magazine October 2009

Microsoft TechNet Magazine October 2009


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