Capture / ALT-Print Screen focused Window in RDP Session in Clipboard

Ok, this is primarily for me, so I can look up if I should ever forget it. Ever tried to copy a window in a terminal session to the clipboard? Usually you press ALT-PrintScreen for this. If you do this into an RDP session, you get the whole (logically) Remote Desktop. To copy only the focused window (in the RDP Terminal Session) in the clipboard, just press the key combination CTRL-ALT-Minus.

HOT! – Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Ok, goodbye to paid software like VisionApp Remote Desktop. Microsoft just published Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager – and believe me, this piece of Software rocks!

Last week I noticed a unusual download at called RDCman, it turned out to be a RDP manager.

I downloaded it and it does all what I want in a great RDP tool!


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ConneXin Remote Desktops V2 Released

Some of you may already know, i’m working for ConneXin AG in Switzerland. We do – among other things – manage infrastructures for our customers. Since a very frequent and more than daily task is to connect to remote servers and workstations using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), i’ve started writing an application to have this task formed more comfortable. The result is the very cool ConneXin Remote Desktops V2 Utility.

I just published it on our site. Get a free copy here

here are some Screenshots

Main Window

ConneXin Remote Desktops v2 Main Form


ConneXin Remote Desktops v2 Overview of Connected Hosts

ConneXin Remote Desktops v2 Active Directory Importer

ConneXin Remote Desktops v2 Active Directory Importer

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Console or Admin Session

Did you know, when you connect to one of your Systems using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, you can choose whether you want to connect to the console or create a new terminal server session. If you always create console sessions, you will be able to re-use or reconnect to the last session..

Until today, i didn’t know, that a console session can be created using the Remote Desktop Connection Client GUI. In the past i always did something similiar to:


or on systems with newer Remote Desktop Client Versions


When playing with display settings, local resources like (connecting printer or drives over a Remote Desktop Connection) the command line got a bit complex. Now since i bought an Apple MacBook Pro, and i faced the challenge to connect to my servers using the Mac OSX implementation of the Remote Desktop Connection, i realized, that it is possible to place a /CONSOLE or /ADMIN Parameter directly into the address textfield of the Mac OSX Remote Desktop Connection Client. So i figured out, that this can also be done using the Windows Remote Desktop Connection Client.