How do I find orphaned computer objects in Active Directory using PowerShell?

How can I find all computer accounts in my Active Directory domain that have been inactive for x days using PowerShell?

This would give you all computer accounts that have no activity for the last 365 Days.

Search-ADAccount -AccountInactive -ComputersOnly -TimeSpan 365.00:00:00

This would sort it for you by lastlogondate.

Search-ADAccount -AccountInactive -ComputersOnly -TimeSpan 365.00:00:00 | Sort-Object lastlogondate | Ft name,lastlogondate -auto

This would give you disabled computer accounts.

Search-ADAccount -AccountDisabled -ComputersOnly 

Recovering accidentally deleted Items in Active Directory

Well, it could happen that you delete an Active Directory Objects / Accounts (like a User, Group, Computer whatever object) accidentally. In the past i used ADSIEdit.msc to restore the object. Well, this is a not so straight-forward procedure and not that easy to accomplish. Lately I’ve stumbled over a page from guy/blog called Windowmaker  Logo_ActiveDirectory

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Active Directory, List FSMO Roles of a Domain Controller (DC) using NtdsUtil.exe

To list the FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operations) Roles of a Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller (DC) using NtdsUtil.exe:

Start a command prompt (cmd.exe)

Start NtdsUtil.exe
Switch to Roles context
Swtich to Connections context
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