Apple iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone Patches PDF Exploit

Apple’s pushing out iOS 4.0.2 for iPhones and iPod Touches and iOS 3.2.2 for iPads, an update that patches the previous versions’ PDF exploit and wipes out your iPhone’s unlock and nice new jailbreak.

The update, which is showing up in iTunes now, doesn’t bring any new features, just a patch for the recently-exposed PDF vulnerability (the one used by JailbreakMe), so if you weren’t super worried about being susceptible—or if you want to keep your jailbreak or your iPhone unlocked—you might not want to jump on this one just yet.


Make your WordPress Blog iPhone, iPod and Android friendly using WPTouch Plugin/Theme

In this post i’m going to explain you how to make your website iPod touch player or iPhone and Android Mobile Phone friendly using an absolutely cool plugin called WPTouch.

By default, your site may look pretty good already, but i’m sure you will agree, this plugin (WPTouch) makes your site much more accessible for the mobile crowd. It also provides a more iPhone, iPod and Android friendly experience.

The brilliant thing with this approach is, you do NOT need to re-code a theme, or do any programming of any sort. All you have to do is install the plugin (WPTouch), activate it, and your done!

Installing the plugin WPTouch is pretty straight forward.

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Enable iPhone Tethering for Swisscom, Orange, Sunrise, Vodaphone

Tethering is using some type of mobile device to gain internet access on another device.

Tethering works by connecting a device that can access the internet (iPhone) to another device that cannot (i.e. your Notebook). This can be done using Bluetooth wireless technology or cables (such as USB), allowing the device without built-in access to connect to the internet, using the other device as a modem.

Starting from iPhone OS 3.0, tethering is supported by default. All you need is a configuration file for you Mobile Phone Provider like Swisscom, Orange, Sunrise, Vodaphone etc.. To get this file, check out the folliwing link.

it works like a charm! 😉