Add Enqueue and Play in Foobar options in mp3 right click context menu

I switched to Foobar recently. It is an awesome media player, but I noticed that for some files (like mp3s) the Enqueue in Foobar option was not present in the right-click context menu. If Foobar was set as the default program, Play in foobar showed up, but the enqueue option still remained missing. Logo_foobar2000


On further investigation I realised that only the files supported by Windows Media Player did not show the Enqueue in Foobar option.

Though the usual solutions to the problem involve registry modifications, I found a very simple solution to it.

First make sure the Folder Context Menus option is checked in the Library>Configure>Shell Integration in Foobar.



1. Go to Control Panel > Default Programs > Set program access and computer defaults

2. Choose the Custom configuration.

3. In the section Choose a default media player uncheck Enable access to this program for Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player.


4. you’re done!

The “Enqueue in Foobar” option will be present in the right-click context menu of all audio files now. 🙂


Thanks to for the tip.

23 thoughts on “Add Enqueue and Play in Foobar options in mp3 right click context menu

  1. Thanks! Really simple and easy. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with new terms and go to a long list of wikis to get what they mean.

  2. Nice – That’s been bugging me for years! I always wondered why sometimes the enqueue option was missing. I’d never noticed it was for particular file types, I thought it was some sort of intermittent problem.


  3. I know this post is really old but his still works! I haven’t had the enqueue option in years and years but finally remembered it thanks to an old screenshot and I was like I WANT THAT BACK. So this worked, thanks.

  4. Fantastic ! This will forever be in my bookmarks, just in case ! Thank you so much dude 🙂

  5. Forgot the solution, found it again. Seems I’ve been here before, lol. Thank you once again, Al Gore…😜

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