Use your Fingerprint to log on to Microsoft Windows 7

An improved feature on Microsoft Windows 7 is fingerprint logon using biometric devices.

This is a quick tutorial about configuring fingerprint logon / biometric devices.

I’ve also published an article about how to manage biometric devices / allow fingerprint to logon to domain here

Before starting configuring fingerprint logon on Microsoft Windows 7, you should check your Device Manager for a biometric device.



Microsoft Windows 7 enables the biometric devices applet in control panel ONLY if you have such a device!

If there is one then you should have a biometric devices applet in control panel. Click Start Windows_7_Start

and type Biometric Windows7_Biometric

there must be an item called Biometric Devices Startmenu_biometric_devices

Clicking on Biometric Devices, you should land here



Click on Manage your fingerprint data (to the right, not to the left)

Windows will ask you for the password of the current logged on user:



Depending on the manufacturer of you fingerprint device, you should get a window similar to this one.



This illustration shows that i enrolled for to fingers..

when done, click finish

you should return to this window



now click on Change biometric settings



Decide whether you want to allow log on to windows (local) or also to the domain using your fingerprint.

Click Save Changes and you should be able to log on to Microsoft Windows 7 using your fingerprint.

referenced error messages

Windows could not use your fingerprint credentials because it could not contact your domain. Try connecting to another network.

Fingerprint Logon is not enabled for domain accounts on this machine. Log on using other credentials or see your system administrator

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  2. Hi,

    My out of box W7 Pro didn’t have the Biometric Icon in the control panel. I was at my wits end trying to figure out why. IT was your detailed article that saved the day! Thanks a million.

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